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#1 2019-02-09 13:26:19

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How to identify China cut off disc?With the devel

How to identify China cut off disc?
With the development and reform of technology, China cut off disc have been welcomed by users at home and abroad. However, some users who have not touched the cutting discs face many merchants in the market when they choose, do not know how to judge and select. Today, Aurora will tell you how to distinguishChina cut off disc.
1. Check the nameplate and instructions of the cutting disc. The nameplate parameters should be the same as those on the 3C certificate.
2. Hold the cutting disc by hand, turn on the power, and frequently operate the switch by hand to make the tool start frequently, and observe whether the on/off function of the cutting disc switch is reliable. At the same time, observe whether there are any abnormalities in the TV sets and fluorescent lamps on the spot. In order to confirm whether the tool is equipped with a radio interference suppressor.
3. The cutting disc is energized for one minute, and the hand is held by hand. The hand should not feel any abnormal vibration. Observe the reversing spark. The reversing spark should not exceed 3/2, generally from the tool. Looking inside the tuyere, there should be no obvious arc on the surface of the commutator. There should be no abnormal noise during operation.
The above is the introduction of several methods for discriminating the cutting disc, hope to help everyone better choose.



2019-02-09 13:26:19

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